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Bona is committed to the whole lifetime of wooden floors and devoted to providing solutions that keep a floor perfect during its entire life. Bona is a family-owned company founded in 1919. Today, it has local presence in more than 70 countries all over the world through subsidiaries and distributors.

The company’s long commitment and passion for wooden floors enable it to offer lasting, sustainable results for professionals and floor owners.

Their approach assures that the floor will last for generations. A unique product portfolio, the Bona System, covers everything needed to bring out the best in wooden floors: UV coatings, sanding machines, dust containment systems, abrasives, adhesives, finishes, oils, stains and floor care products. All products are compatible and have been developed for best performance.

With sustainability as a guiding star, Bona strives to continuously launch better products considering the floor, the craftsman and the indoor and outdoor environment. Pioneering in 1979 with waterborne finishes, today Bona offers a full range of environmentally sound products covering all wooden floor treatments. The company has always been committed to considering safety, health and the environment in their product development.

To Bona, a wooden floor is a world of possibilities – whether it is about creating a shiny look with anti-slip properties for a shop, a warm and deep coloration with high wear resistance for a kitchen, or simply keeping a wooden floor clean and beautiful.

At Bona, focus is on design and performance when developing their wood floor products. Wooden floors meet different challenges during their lifetime. By constantly developing their solutions, the company is able to claim a leading position in wooden floor treatment.

The company’s products are found in South Africa and trend are moving towards environmentally friendly and sustainable products and solutions that help improve the working conditions of the craftsmen.



Lauren Greil

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