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Borum is one of the world’s leading road marking machine and equipment manufacturers. The company supply best-in-class, easy to-operate road marking machines to large international companies, as well as small family-owned operators around the world.

Their customer list includes a number of the most respected road marking companies across the world, but it also includes many smaller family-based companies. They work globally with their own sales and service technicians as well as local sales- and service partners around the world.

Borum’s footprint in Africa

Africa is an important market for their products. The company supply best-in-class, easy to-operate road marking machines to large international companies, as well as small family-owned operators around the world. The market in Africa is slowly growing. North Africa, Egypt have been the main areas until now, but they have several machines in many different countries in Africa.

At the moment, they have a business partner in Egypt. Borum is constantly looking for local partners, as they are interested to work locally, with distributors who have the same customers as they do and also care about the road safety. “When there is a new infrastructure project, there is an increased demand for high performance machines – that’s when Borum comes for the help. Borum machines have been involved in multiple projects around Africa, one of them being a main road project on the east coast of Africa. Starting in Uganda, passing Kenya, Tanzania and reaching Zambia. We also notice a demand for audible profiled markings in North Africa, especially Egypt, when they have the seasonal rain,” explains Austeja Adamonyte Student Assistant.

At Borum they draw on decades of experience within the road marking business and are keen to share their extensive know-how with you. They offer a wide range of standard solutions but are often asked to customize solutions to accommodate special requirements.

The cost-effective 
Borum is committed to developing robust and reliable road marking equipment that offers smooth, cost-efficient operations. Every component is made from durable materials to ensure long life and an absolute minimum of maintenance and repair work.

The user-friendly equipment

All Borum machines can be supplied to work with either cold paint, hot thermoplastic or two component cold plastic and a variety of application methods. Line markings play a vital role in road safety and line marking quality and durability standards get tougher each year. “That’s why we conduct in-depth research and use our extensive industry know-how to ensure our line marking machines and technologies stay ahead of performance specifications and quality control demands – and continue to set industry standards.

Here at Borum we care about road safety. Profiled road markings is the safest road marking technology. This type of markings is becoming more and more popular because of the increased road safety it provides due to high visibility in wet conditions and at night, as well as the acoustic warning you get when driving on the line. With our thermoplastic extruder solution, the firm has for decades been setting the standard in the industry making it possible to fulfil the marking requirements set by road authorities worldwide. At Borum we put a lot of effort into making our road marking machines comfortable and safe workplaces. We are constantly refining the machines to make them as user-friendly as possible,” confirms Adamonyte.

Should a problem with your Borum road marking machine ever arise, you can draw on their reliable customer service programme. They hold an extensive stock of spare parts, ready to be shipped off within 24 hours. When problems cannot be solved over the phone, Borum has trained local technicians to provide on-site service on your machines.

It’s not always easy to find out which line marking machine to choose. However, Borum machines are built from well-defined modules that can be combined in numerous ways. Weather and traffic conditions, location, and budget – everything is taken into consideration when deciding on which road marking machine to choose. Borum is a professional brand, having solutions of line marking machines to solve many challenges experienced on the road.

At Borum they value an on-going dialogue – before, during and after sales – because that is the only way they can make sure that the solutions they provide fully meet your expectations.