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Bosman kiln at Brits Poles SA: Transmission and Structural Poles

“It is all about the quality,” says Brits Poles SA director, Werner Hattingh, when speaking about what it is that sets his company apart from the pack. “Not only the quality of the product that you provide, but also the quality of the service,” he adds.

Brits Poles SA has been in the business of supplying top quality transmission and structural poles and other timber products for the past 22 years and supplies both the local and export markets. A big part of that service says Hattingh, is the peace of mind that our customers have, knowing that every product that leaves this yard complies with relevant specifications.

Between the very stringent grading process employed by the company and a state-of-the-art Bosman drying kiln, Brits Poles SA ensures that their products are 100 % to specification.

“Once the raw materials (poles) have been graded by our highly trained staff, and separated into the different classifications, it is off to the Bosman drying kiln that was specifically designed for the purpose of drying Eucalyptus. The system makes use of an oil heating system and high speed fans to ensure that the heat is spread evenly and drying takes place effectively,” says Hattingh.

The timber is dried to the point where it contains 25 percent average moister content before being sent off to either of the CCA treatment plants, or the creosote treatment plant, depending on the orders at hand. “The kiln was specifically designed by Brits-based Bosman Dryers for the drying of Eucalyptus,” says Hattingh.

The fact that the effective drying of the timber is so essential to the process also prompted the team from Bosman Dryers to install an additional feature that has become an indispensible tool in constantly monitoring the drying process to ensure optimal results.

“One of my favorite things about this system is that I can log into the system at any time via my cellular phone, and check that everything is going well. The system was set up to send notifications to my phone, which has proven to be an awesome tool in monitoring the process,” says Hattingh.

Bosman Dryers specializes in the manufacture and supply of industrial heating and drying systems to clients in the timber, tobacco, chicken and fruit industries across southern Africa. Their comprehensive range of timber drying kilns, tobacco driers, fruit driers and heating solutions for chicken industries is manufactured and pre-tested at their production facilities in Brits. They also specialize in kiln site layout, delivery and complete installation.

With thirty years of experience in the field of heating and drying and a reputation for superior quality and service, Bosman Dryers has established a reputation as a drying kiln supplier of choice, with unrivalled expertise in turnkey drying plant installations. The drying part of the operation is central to being able to deliver the top quality product that Brits Poles’ customers have come to expect.

“There are strict regulations in place with SANS754 when it comes to the drying of transmission poles. Our mission has always been to not only meet expectations, but to always exceed them. So with that in mind, we carry out extensive testing to ensure that every piece of timber that comes out of the kiln is perfectly prepared for the next step in the production line,” says Hattingh.

“When you have a reputation to uphold, not only locally, but also among your international customers, it is of the utmost importance to ensure that you are consistently achieving the levels set out per specification,” he adds.

Dennis Ayemba
Country/ Features Editor, Kenya


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