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BOSTD Geosynthetics Ltd was founded in 2000. Their product range covers integral punched and stretched plastic geogrids, drainage nets and composites, geocomposites, asphalt reinforcement material and geocells that are widely and effectively applied in soil stabilization, foundation reinforcement and drainage, landfill and waste water treatment, retaining walls, riverbank repair and development, erosion control and green field applications.

Their dedicated professional Technical Service team provides their clients with engineering design and technical support for the safe and economic application of their products, ensuring the geosynthetics product ranges that they provide are of consistently high quality and meet the International Standards of their client’s demand. They also provide design consultation and on-site construction guidance to ensure the correct application of products.

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Their E’GRID Biaxial Geogrids premium ranges of products have high tensile strength and optimized geometry of nodes and ribs. The reinforcing action of E’GRID Geogrids lies mainly in confining soil and increasing its shearing resistance by a process of interlocking between the square ribs and the soil. The load dispersal from the interlocking mechanism is highly effective and can reduce sub-base thickness and construction cost making their products suitable for Africa’s environment. Their goal is to provide their clients with safe and cost effective solutions to soil reinforcement and foundation engineering problems for their maximum benefit.

Their sales network covers more than 50 countries worldwide. Their products have been widely applied to many projects, such as highways and oil sands projects in Canada, port development in the UK and China, gas plant construction in Saudi Arabia, panel walls in India, road and rail interchanges in Korea, roadways in the USA, Australia and Kenya.

Angelo Ricciuti, Marketing Personnel advices potential buyers in the industry to use geogrids to save the environment as there are no other products that comply with environmental requirements when building new infrastructure. Geogrids reduce construction cost and help mitigate negative environmental impact.

Ricciuti also commented on the emerging trends in regard to the product in the market, “The potential for Geogrids in Africa is huge and its contribution can provide cost saving in road construction.”

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