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BRAWOLINER® is one of the leading system suppliers in trenchless sewer rehabilitation. As a manufacturer of elastic textiles, the company has specialized in rehabilitation solutions for sewage pipe systems with bends of up to 90 ° and dimensional changes in nominal sizes from DN 50 to DN 300. The BRAWOLINER® renovation solutions are approved by DIBt for the renovation of underground pipes and pipes installed inside buildings. The repeated test victory in the IKT product test confirms the quality of the BRAWOLINER® renovation system.

In addition to the consumables such as liner and resin, BRAWOLINER® supplies the complete renovation equipment through to individually developed renovation vehicles. In addition to innovative milling devices for opening inlets from DN 50, the BRAWO® rental park provides the extensive BRAWOLINER® range of devices and accessories. BRAWOLINER® stands for quality, which is why the company attaches great importance to technical advice, construction site support and training on various renovation topics.

Inspired by a case of damage in their own production line, KOB developed the first flexible textile seamless liner that enables the rehabilitation of pipes with bends up to 90° and can change in 2 different dimensional changes by using a special liner. Gunter Kaltenhäuser, Head of Management, BRAWO SYSTEMS, Managing Director Spray-Liner GmbH, emphasize that, “The innovative solution for renovating defective small diameter pipes. BRAWOLINER® is a seamless textile liner, Innovative, flexible and virtually fold-free. Thanks to a special knitted construction all BRAWOLINER® are extremely flexible. This makes it the perfect solution for defective pipes containing multiple bends of up to 90° and up to two changes in diameter. Diameter range from 50 – 400 millimeter.”

Specializing in small diameter pipes, BRAWOLINER® has become one of the leading system suppliers in the drain and sewer renovation industry. Beside the consumable liner and resin, the company also provides appropriate installation equipment and purpose-built, fully equipped vehicles and trailers.

Continuous research and innovation in the in-house research center enables the company to consistently provide products that are used worldwide. Kaltenhäuser reveals that, “Africa is an interesting market. Especially big cities are interesting for clients which use our products as the advantage is that clients can build a new waste water pipe without opening walls, ceilings or the ground – no dig method.”

Quality plays a significant role in the sewer rehabilitation. As the pipes in the ground are difficult to control, it is important to choose long-lasting and high-quality materials. Kaltenhäuser suggest that, “Before the start, a client should get trained. Do an analysis on your market approach, and invest in the equipment you really need. Start with easy jobs and do more and more difficult construction sites step by step. If necessary get consultants from BRAWO SYSTEMS or our distributors for job sites.”

Systems for the real estate and construction industry

The need for renovation in building and property drainage is extremely high. Defective sewer and pipe systems cause environmental and structural damage. High follow-up costs arise if no timely action is taken. This is why BRAWO®SYSTEMS has developed the perfect portfolio, which enables renovation without opening walls and ceilings or digging trenches in a closed construction.

Consumables, machines and installation equipment as well as fully equipped renovation vehicles are part of the range of services. BRAWO® SYSTEMS enables its customer’s maximum flexibility in the rehabilitation of sewers and pipes on construction sites that are often difficult to plan. For more than 20 years, BRAWO® SYSTEMS has been selling its products and services in over 30 countries worldwide.

Permanent development and innovation in their own technology center, state-of-the-art quality assurance, fully integrated production and high-performance, qualified employees stand for the optimal quality of products and services.

BRAWO® SYSTEMS offers optimal and holistic renovation solutions for building and property drainage. The system provider combines the well-known brands BRAWOLINER®, BRAWO® Tech and BRAWO® Academy under one roof.