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The company is the manufacturer of the Brehnor range of axial flow pumps and the proud distributor of the original Ornel® range of axial flow pumps, manufactured by Fluid Engineering (Pty) Ltd in NSW, Australia. The pump is essentially

They also offer repair and maintenance services on any type of pump. A combined eight decades of industry experience with numerous types of pumps means their team is equipped to offer superior service to customers and a complete solution to any pumping requirement.

They handle everything that is required, from concept, design, manufacture, commissioning and installation to after sales service. That is what they are all about, they are not a once off sale company. They want to partner with individuals and companies for a long term experience that will benefit everyone. Service and quality are not negotiable for them, every enquiry is given the same attention to detail that separates them from their competitors and ensures their customers are well satisfied and retained.

The company was formed in 2008 as a holding company for original data and designs of axial flow pumps and components, provided to the company by Mr. Hugh Nelson. The data includes all first principle calculations and drawings. This information has formed the basis of a complete range of pumps, from 150NB to 1200NB designed to meet a very exclusive market. Numerous improvements in the design have been made enabling the use of modern manufacturing processes with a major emphasis on 3D modeling and drawing.

Mr. Nelson was active in the pump industry from 1946 to around 2002, In particular, axial flow pump design. He had a major influence on the current designs of multi-stage axial flow pumps on the market today. In 2013, Brehnor Pumps combined resources with various manufacturing facilities and started producing complete axial flow pumps and spare parts for the pumps that are currently in operation that are based on the original design.

Their pumps are installed in Kenya, Tanzania, Malawi, Mozambique, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Botswana, Swaziland, Sudan, Nigeria and Sierra Leone. They are also interested in finding partners to act as agents or distributors for their product across Africa.

Richard Rudling, the Marketing Manager advises potential buyers to ensure that the project specification is 100% correct in terms of flow, head and friction and or pipeline design as well as pump station layout etc. This would ensure that Brehnor is able to interpret the enquiry in order to turn it into a successful installation capable of operating trouble free for many years. Rudling also commented on the emerging trend concerning the water pump industry that the product has always been a standard used in the irrigation industry.


Brehnor Pumps (Pty) Ltd

Richard Rudling

Marketing Manager

[email protected]