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Brummel is a luxury tailor “wearing” important house, villas and hotels or areas where people want something special, unique and bespoke to their “status quo” needs.

Thanks to their 12 different luxury models, Brummel is well known all around the world for the possibility to start from the kitchen and dress the entire house (corridor, bathrooms, bedrooms, living, dining room, walk-in closet …). This is the value of Brummel, which works on projects with one of the most recognized brand: the “Made in Italy”.

Their strength is the design identity, selection of precious material and skill of adapting the technology to their products.

Brummel was established in 1982 and their ability to blend cabinet making tradition with a contemporary sensitivity and significant innovative traits has made it possible to rapidly achieve a success that has passed the test of time.

The expansion achieved over the years positioned Brummel on the best international markets, establishing prestigious and important collaborations, earning the appreciation of a demanding public that rewarded the company’s attentive and meticulous choice of raw materials and excellent manual skills. The most valuable species of wood, the absolute protagonist, are selected with passion, patiently seasoned, combined with marble, granite, stone, metal or crystal of rare beauty. Precious details exclusively designed and realized.

Every Brummel product is a Made in Italy tailored article, environmentally friendly, of the highest quality, always unique, exclusive and equal only to the requirements of the person who chose it. Today, after more than 30 years, Brummel is highly regarded all over the world.

Brummel Cucine Srl
Mirco Zanetti