BuildConnect gaining a firm foothold in the specification market

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BuildConnect is rapidly entrenching its footprint as the go-to product specification service for the construction industry.

Established only last year as a division of knowledge hub Databuild, the nationwide network of specification specialists focusses not only on obtaining appointments with professionals, but goes one step further and secures the product specification.

“In a post-lockdown world where companies are still struggling to overcome the havoc wreaked by the devastating Covid-19 pandemic, professionals and contractors are being forced to spend more time on site and are thus more hard-pressed for time than ever before,” says Databuild CEO Morag Evans.

“Few, if any, have the time to meet with a plethora of specifiers, each promoting a different product, and are far more amenable to engaging with BuildConnect specification specialists who can offer multiple solutions in a single sit-down meeting.”

But this is not the only reason manufacturers and suppliers are choosing to engage BuildConnect’s services rather than appoint a full-time specifier or sales representative.

“Our specification specialists are required to undergo comprehensive training on each client’s product to ensure they thoroughly understand the technical specifications,” says Evans. “This enables them to provide a meaningful service to the professional and give technical advice on the spot instead of referring them back to the supplier, all of which helps to create a positive impression of the client.

“A newly employed specifier can take as much as ten months or even longer to become fully productive. BuildConnect specialists’ extensive expertise across a broad spectrum of construction sectors, as well as their understanding of the differences between an architect’s and contractor’s needs, enables them to quickly become proficient in the clients’ offering and provide informed responses to product enquiries.

“Additionally, each specification specialist boasts at least ten years’ experience in the industry, which means they have already developed long-standing relationships with numerous professionals and have little to no difficulty in setting up meetings with decision-makers specifically responsible for the specification or purchase of a particular product.

“They also understand building industry regulations and review these regularly to ensure they are up to date with any changes. This includes international regulations applicable to specific products such as ISO 9001.”

The benefits do not end there, however. Because each BuildConnect specification specialist represents a maximum of 12 clients in their portfolio, they are able to engage regularly with each one and follow up frequently, even if a particular project takes years to complete.

Furthermore, unlike company-employed specifiers, BuildConnect specification specialists are able to focus most of their attention on finding qualified prospects and are not side-tracked by additional time-consuming office responsibilities such as writing reports, preparing quotations, dealing with customer complaints, managing deliveries and performing stock takes.

“When all these factors are taken into account, it’s not surprising that our BuildConnect specialists often successfully secure a product specification within the first month of initiating a contract with a client,” says Evans. “With so many companies currently under extreme financial pressure and desperate to secure new business, BuildConnect is just the service they need to help identify new opportunities and position the organisation for growth.”