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BuilderTREND was founded in 2006 as a result of a simple observation: Residential construction companies needed a user-friendly, web-based software, a software to help them build more projects, build them faster, reduce costly communication errors, and ultimately maximize customer satisfaction.

While the system has expanded and become the most widely used and comprehensive cloud system in residential construction, their core principals about customer service have not changed. At the end of the day, they are a customer service company and just happen to have the best residential construction software in the world.

They provide a cloud based system that focuses on three main concepts: communication, collaboration and documentation. Each of their features were designed around three principles. Builder TREND is intended to make General contractors, builders, remodelers and other building professional job’s easier and more efficient.

Since BuilderTREND is a cloud based system, any information can be accessed and modified as long as they have a network connection. This allows for exchange and modification of information in real time.

The company has clients that span across the globe, most of their customers classify their business as a home building firm, remodeling firm, general contractor, or specialty contractor. Their program is utilized by over 400,000 users in residential construction on a daily basis. Additionally, their customers can invite an unlimited amount of users to access BuilderTREND, which will include customers, trade partners, and other associates.

According to BuilderTREND’s marketing manager Schuyler Lovell currently they have active clients in South Africa and Nigeria and they are looking forward to have more of their products used in the continent since in the past few years BuilderTREND has been growing at a very fast rate and now has the necessary resources to properly dedicate time to marketing in Africa.

“Not one software package will fulfill 100% of every company’s needs. Our advice is to look at your business, determine what exactly you need and then find a software solution that best matches your needs. Another big factor is the training and support side of the equation. What is software if no one can use it? Take an in-depth look at what programs software companies have in place in order to get companies off the ground and running with the solution” says Lovell.

Schuyler Lovell
[email protected]