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Building equipments and material supply (BEMS) is Rwanda’s leading manufacturer of quality concrete building products (finishing, landscape and construction materials).

This company was started in the initial auspices of a micro project in the name of “Duhange” in 1988 to join the construction industry through manufacturing building materials for market and supply.

In 1996, Duhange took initiatives to transform into an individual manufacturing enterprise under the name of BEMS (Building Equipments and Material Supply) to remain the sole manufacturers of tiles for internal and external finishing with its trade mark of “Duhange products” in Rwanda and beyond.

In 2010, BEMS ltd started restructuring its operations from individual company prospect to a private limited company to suit the economic global emancipation programmes and promotional development as an industrial establishment sector of Rwanda as well as entity and sustainable economic development.

BEMS is an indigenous pioneer project in Kigali -Rwanda, a country with adequate natural resources like sand and agreggates for construction and concrete manufacturing hence supporting the economic industrial sector of the country.

As a private limited company, BEMS is currently manufacturing concrete materials such as terrazzo tiles, concrete tiles/slabs, washed gravel, pavers, kerbs, culverts and construction blocks. These products provide the architectural elements which are most appropriate for the protection, consolidation, design and decoration in the modern housing and compounds.

The company emphasizes innovation and the utility of existing natural resources in the country at an adaptable technology transfer in production process thus sustaining the social economic development and emancipation of construction industry.

BEMS is a local company that has embraced the national campaign of creating employment opportunities for both skilled and unskilled labour. It also acts as a training and breeding ground for local people due to the mechanism adapted and technology used in the production process.

Their products are the best and only local alternative/ substitute to imported products increasing on the country’s domestic production. Furthermore their action plan aims at promoting home quality materials for export to compete in the in international market and reduce the increasing country’s trade deficit.


448 KG 14th Street, off 11th Avenue

(kwamushimire, Kimironko)

P.O Box 1550, Kigali – Rwanda

Tel : +250 782219305 – +250 785533687

E-mail: [email protected]