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Like the old times Wunderkammern, when hospitality was so great to result nearly intrusive, today Cadore showroom welcomes an assortment of wonders. To call these products just “collections” would be improper. A dominant player has the major role: The Kitchen. However there are no borders and no single themes impacts. Like an Ariadne’s thread gathered by Cadore over years, the products, in obedience to the wisdom of chance, might be rather called “antic collections”, being the result of casual encounters, flashes, love at first sight. Like in a very special and imaginary museum, kitchens baroque and neoclassical, renaissance and country are displayed side by side in all their beauty, reminding of some unforgettable ladies portraits. Observing these creations, a look of some declared sensuality is emerging, especially looking at the showroom with a different eye: traditionally curiosity has always distinguished Cadore creations.

The choice of “a change in the continuity“is marking this new project, setting it within the concept of “the glance culture”. Craftsmanship is part of the privileged signs in the world. To identify this process immediately and instinctively is like understanding that to have an identity means passing through a system of relationships and intersections always evolving but equal in their origin to themselves. This is our culture: a complex idea of beauty: always flowing and changing becoming a root of identity and recognizable at first glance. Cadore is interested in the classicism of an antique elegance, the endless obstinate research for beauty and quality.



Linda Cadore

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