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CAME BPT SOUTH AFRICA has been present in South Africa since 1968 manufacturing and marketing patented inventions. During the 1960’s period, BPT brought to market a number of authentic inventions that were truly innovative for the period such as back-lit doorbells, audio entry panels, push-to-talk entry systems and the historic “Flint” piezoelectric lighter.

That innovative spirit has continued throughout the years and the present product range leads the way technologically as it has always done for half a century. Simplicity, easy to use, quality and exceptional design have been distinctive characteristics of the BPT brand throughout the years.

Products offered by CAME BPT SOUTH AFRICA

  1. BPT Audio and Video Intercom, Home Automation

The ever expanding product range starts with the family of BPT products intercoms, video intercoms, thermoregulation and home automation; this range is complemented by state of the art technology in the form of X1 true 2 wire systems.

The BPT range addresses needs ranging from basic to the highest standards of design and technology to complement top of the range homes and complexes in a way that only Italian design and technology can address. The new full IP range – called IP360 – is the most advanced and flexible solution available in the market.

  1. B-CEL Audio Intercom GSM based

In this, a range of products are developed and manufactured in South Africa by BPT SA. Very successful and convenient when cabling is difficult or require high costs.

  1. Rosslare Access Control

The company is the exclusive distributors for Rosslare Access Control systems, one of the main world players in access control. Also in this case we can provide solutions from a simple one door system up to configurations working over IP networks. The range is complete and there are many accessories.

  1. CAME Automation Systems

Since 1972, when the company was established, Came Cancelli Automatici has been making the broadest range of automated products for residential and industrial front gates, for parking systems and access control, developing home-automation and security systems. By being completely innovation-oriented and careful in the acquisition of new brands and specialty products, the company’s expertise has now become considerable for providing global control of the home through its automation, security and home-automation systems. CAME is represented in over 115 countries in the world.

  1. URBACO – Retractable Bollards

The humble beginnings stem back to the invention of the key product in 1984 – the retractable bollard. Founded in 1986, the Urbaco Company has been developing, growning, and has been shaped around  key product, which leads to the development of a continuously evolving line of products and services related to the world of public areas: site and street furnishings, fixed and removable bollards, technical bollards for energy supply and access control systems. Where innovation is key, Urbaco has constantly been developing new products. With the use of the latest technology and a constant focus on quality, Urbaco redefines mobility to create a higher standard of living for today’s world.

URBACO are the undisputed market leader for access control systems. Today Urbaco designs, builds, maintains and sells technological solutions for urban areas that protect sensitive areas where the security of buildings and people are critical. Based on a constant search for excellence and innovation, Urbaco has developed systems with extraordinary resilience to shocks and thus meet the highest demands in terms of impact strength: ASTM standards, PAS and DOS.

  1. GO – Sectional Doors

GO boasts a strong presence in the window and door sector, thanks to a solid reputation and intense research and development focused on manufacturing both residential and industrial doors and sectional doors, with manual movement and motorisation.

The company additionally offers training to installers and customers on the technical and installation aspects of the entire product range. Courses are offered regularly as well as by arrangement.