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CAMSAN ORDU – the first MDF manufacturer of Turkey

CAMSAN ORDU was established in 1984 in Ordu.

They were the first MDF manufacturer of Turkey, the Middle East/ the Balkans, and the fourth of Europe.

Camsan wood industry and trade INC signed Turkey’s first MDF exportation achieving international quality standard.

They completed their transformation to Camsan Ordu as of 2011, becoming the face of MDF in Turkey and the rest of the world.

Pioneering the sector with high quality and environmentally friendly forest products; that touch life and inspire people to redesign their living and working spaces,
They made a huge investment of 70 million Euros for the new MDF 3 facility in 2019 drawing a unique, permanent and new road map in its sector.

The new facility began operations by the ens of 2020 and has been designed to use the cutting edge technology CPS + press system of the German-based firm Dieffenbacher.

Their aim is to enhance  their current MDF production 2.5 times and their export capacity 3 times.

This will be achieved by increasing their market share and product diversity, determining the new standards in its sector with leading brand identity.

They produce:-

  • MDF
  • MDF laminate
  • Laminate parquet flooring
  • Astarlam



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