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Cantech are UK-based specialists in design, assembly, installation, support and service of control systems for the production of construction materials. They are suppliers of control systems – including for batching of concrete for both ready-mix and concrete products. Their systems ensure that the addition of waterproofing agents is made at the right time in the process and in the correct quantity.

Cantech UK supply a range of quarry processes and related applications, in particular including sophisticated control of asphalt and concrete batching plants both from conventional on-plant cabins and increasingly from remote control rooms/offices, as well as crushing/screening plants and sand and gravel processing and also dry stone blending/load out operations.

The company has well over 300 installations throughout the UK and Ireland, their clients include most of the UK and Irish majors in addition to many smaller independent operators and are keen to seek representatives throughout Africa to promote and install their systems in what they recognize as an emerging and exciting market.


Their well-established products include control systems for:

·         Crushing & Screening Plant

·         Sand & Gravel Processing/Washing Plant

·         Dry Stone Blending & Loadout Plant

·         Asphalt, Batch Heater and Drum Mix Plant

·         Concrete & Mortar Batching Plant

·         Rail Loading/Unloading Plant

With their policy of continuous development and innovation they are always keen to enhance and tailor their products to meet on-going client requirements and to develop systems for new applications.

They have over 300 control systems in operation and have a long-established reputation for backup service and fast response coupled with the necessary willingness and enthusiasm to progress and innovate, often in close cooperation with their clients, to continue to meet new market requirements and opportunities.

They are currently looking for agents in africa to sell their systems and experts to install and service them with support from the UK.


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