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Since 1993, Cart-Away products have been built in Woodland, California and then in McMinnville, Oregon by McClintock Metal and Cart-Away Concrete Systems.

Scott Crist, Bruce Christensen, and Monte Pardee were the recognized experts in the industry and all worked for Cart-Away’s principle competitor. Over a period of time, they all joined Cart-Away Concrete Systems, owned by Tom and Marion Vail, because they were convinced that it was in a better position to dominate the trailered readi-mix market.

Their C.U.B.E. is proof that several concrete batching solutions which can be put into one box. The C.U.B.E., short for Cart-Away Universal Batching Equipment, allows users the flexibility to control most aspects of job-site ready-mix production.

The C.U.B.E. comes standard with a 36″ by 120″ sand and gravel conveyor that can be top-loaded by a skid steer.

With a full 1 ½ yard mixing capacity the C.U.B.E. can produce 6 to 8 yards of concrete per hour in a specific mix design. The loading, mixing and dispensing of the concrete materials are all completed inside of the box, reducing the amount of equipment needed at the job-site. C.U.B.E.

Operators can control their batch size, mix design, labor costs and overall ready-mix expenses on every project. On-site batching eliminates short-load fees, reduces labor costs waiting on ready-mix trucks and gives the profits from ready-mix to the C.U.B.E. owner.

The mixing process is simplified due to the on-board material loading conveyor. Just load the top-mounted conveyor with the sand and gravel and it will flow into the drum for mixing. The C.U.B.E. includes a hydraulic actuated bag breaker for loading in the powdered cement into the drum.

Water is added directly into the drum from plumbing that hooks to a standard garden hose. The drum spins in both directions for mixing or discharging and the tilting frame allows for dumping the wet concrete into a loader bucket or wheel barrow for distribution.

Their Concrete MD uses measured batch-boxes to insure a consistent recipe of concrete ingredients. The counter-rotating mixing auger then turns and blends the mixture better than shovels could ever hope to do.

According to Cart-Away’s marketing manager Bruce Christensen their Concrete MD mixers are available in the African market and they have been used in Mozambique and Nigeria, even though they feel that the CUBE and the Concrete Mixing Trailer are a better fit for most projects in Africa.

Bruce also added that since their focus for the past 20-years have been in North America they are now actively looking for good equipment distributors within the continent to cover the market well.



Bruce Christensen

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