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Case Communications (Case) is a UK based manufacturer specialising in the design, development and world-wide implementation of communication systems, with over 35 years ‘pedigree and experience’.

At the forefront of the Industrial Networking sector, Case Communications are specialists in providing leading edge industrial communication products for mission critical applications, in harsh environments, where failure is not an option.

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Previously the Internet was used for users to access centrally stored data, held on web sites, and to send and receive e-mails and social networking.

But the world of machine to machine (M2M) communications makes use of the Internet to allow machines to talk to other machines, without human intervention.

This is also becoming known as the Internet of Things (IoT) and this is the market that Case Communications have become acknowledged experts in. In these markets failure is not an option, the loss of the network could result in an accident and the loss of life.

Case Communications specialise in developing, manufacturing and supporting industrial network products for mission critical applications in harsh conditions. These products are designed to operate without fans from -40C ~ +75C and from a DC power supply, including solar panels. While these products can be used for general office use (such as e-mails and surfing the internet etc.) they are really designed for use in critical systems, such as controlling telemetry systems, railways signals, traffic light control, oil and gas network, and electricity distribution etc.

Typically Case Communications products operate over Fibre Optic cables, copper circuits or wireless.
In the past Case Communications provided their Enterprise technology to a number of African Enterprise organizations, such as Q-trunk, Pick and Pay, South African Breweries etc.

With the newer industrial technologies Case Communications have seen fewer opportunities in their traditional parts of Africa and more opportunities in the Middle East and North Africa.

According to experts in the company, the market has seen competition driving prices down and performance levels up in Europe and have witnessed these key trends: Fibre Optic cables, FTTC – Fibre to the cabinet, FTTH – Fibre to the Home, Mobile Internet AccessThe use of Microwave and WiMax which has grown rapidly over the past years mainly due to its low operating costs when compared to the large Teleco’s who charge high prices for their services.
Case Communications Company
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