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Castle Pumps Ltd is a worldwide specialist distributor of industrial pumps, with a large portion of their export business comprising of the African market including countries such as Ghana, Zambia and Nigeria.

With over 30 years’ experience in specifying and supplying pumping solutions, the product Castle Pumps offer is not just the pump itself, but the expertise involved in the selecting the perfect solution for the individual requirement. Castle Pumps pride themselves on the slogan ‘whatever the process, we have the pump’, signifying their ability to supply any type of pump, for any type of application.

Multitude of water applications

Whilst Castle Pumps supply equipment for any fluid, from fuel oil to chemicals to food stuffs, water pumps make up a considerable percentage of the enquiries they deal with. Their range covers a multitude of water applications including irrigation, boiler feed, water circulation, heating/cooling, firefighting, water supply boosting and waste water transfer.

Castle Pumps are a leading distributor of the quality and reliable Standart manufactured pumps; a range which includes single stage, split case, multistage and vertical immersion centrifugal pumps. Included in the Standart offering are dimensionally interchangeable models approved to DIN24255/EN733 standards, and pumps compliant with the Minimum Efficiency Index and Energy-Related Products Directive when used in clean water applications.


With a 24 month warranty and spare parts available for a minimum of 10 years, Standart pumps are a quality and reliable option, limiting the risk of costly downtime or replacing the whole pump because a spare is unavailable.

Castle Pumps also supply various models of borehole pumps for water extraction, which are available in a variety of sizes in order to match the specific borehole’s dimensions. The range are primarily constructed of stainless steel in order to prevent corrosion from minerals in the soil, and are able to handle solids up to 300g/m³ due to the patented floating impeller design allowing passage of large sand content in water.

Factors to consider when purchasing products

Castle Pumps advises potential buyers to look at the lifetime cost of their project and not initial purchase cost, ideally to be flexible regarding the brand if adequate references can be supplied. It is important to bring on board pump suppliers such as themselves early with regards to any project that may be planned as a pump should be thought of as part of a system rather than a pump on its own.

Users need to factor in the cost of downtime and plan accordingly with either spares backup, or spare pumps should the cost of downtime warrant it and there is a trend amongst some plant equipment suppliers to supply systems with pumps without spares (to meet a clients tight budget) and it is not until something fails that the customer realizes that the spares are not as readily available as they first thought.

Their pumps are likely to be imported into Africa from neighbouring countries and it is important that the buyer takes into account custom duties. Castle Pumps can supply pumps with a EUR1 movement certificate allowing a lower rate of duty to be paid by people in the following African countries – Algeria, Ceuta and Melilla Morocco and South Africa so purchasers should consider the total delivered cost including duty when comparing quotes.