Chevron South Africa appoints new executive chairperson

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Oil refinery giant Chevron South Africa has appointed Shashi Rabbipal as the new Executive Chairperson.

Rabbipal joined Chevron 25 years ago and has extensive experience and knowledge within the industry through the various general management roles he held in the company. He was Director of Chevron South Africa and Chevron joint venture in Romania as well as in sales and marketing for Europe, Africa, the Middle East and Pakistan.

He holds a BA (Law) Degree and BProc degree from Universities in South Africa and will lead Chevrons corporate governance team steering the company’s progress on transformation and focus on establishing and maintaining relationships with key external stakeholder business partners.

Rabbipal commented noting that Chevron South Africa had the opportunity of working closely with stakeholders towards key strategic properties especially in the petroleum sector and on fuel security.

He also noted that his company was committed to the Governments imperative on socioeconomic transformation through its transformation agenda.

Chevron South Africa had placed over 50% of its retail network in the hands of Caltex branded marketer entrepreneurs who, in turn, were obliged to further socioeconomic transformation. In terms of ownership and employment equity, a consortium of black economic-empowerment shareholders and an employee trust held 25% of Chevron South Africa.

Rabbipal also noted that the company employment opportunity offered by Chevron South Africa and its first-tier suppliers, three additional jobs are sustained in the country.

Chevron South Africa contributes US $0.69bn in tax annually to the country.