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Ciancaleoni Company-Drilling and Foundation Equipment

In parallel to the production of drilling equipment and accessories, in the latest years the major change was the Company’s entrance in the second-hand market. Machines get totally overhauled through mechanical, hydraulic and electrical repairs, replacing damaged elements with original spare parts, so that the product can be 100% efficient again.

Development in this market was accomplished through partnership deals with the world’s most famous drilling brands. Further, Ciancaleoni was good enough to overcome Europe’s downturn in the last decade by finding new markets in emerging countries. That ensured the Company the competitively that was necessary to stay ahead of the curve. Taking part at all the most important fairs, in Italy and abroad, also helped Ciancaleoni to become itself one of the most famous brands in the world.

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Thanks to remarkable investments in research and technology, and also to constant upgrading of production facilities, the Company has extended its potential by becoming a provider of several kinds of casings with quick joints and various high-quality equipment, specifically designed to match any drilling need. In recent years, Ciancaleoni took another step forward – a defining moment in its growth – with the purchase of distribution rights of the new pole-drilling machines Geax. A strategic milestone that enabled the Company to offer a complete range of high-quality products and service to all drilling industry operators. High-quality is Ciancaleoni’s main rule and also the key to best match the market’s needs. This is the reason why the Company constantly aims at improving their facility.

Ciancaleoni’s most popular products in Africa

They sell many piling rigs in different countries : Bourkina  Faso , Nigeria , Gabon , Morocco , Tunisia , Cameroon , Ghana , Togo. The most popular rig sold in those countries is the Mait brand, because is a very simple machine with less electronic compared with the others brand. However, they have also sold Soilmec , Casagrande and Comacchio rigs.

Uniqueness of their products and services

Thy are the only company capable to supply everything regarding the foundation drilling field: the firm manufacture drilling tools, kelly bars and casings that are called in general foundation equipment and moreover they sell used drilling machines overhauled by their technicians; thus the company cover the whole field. Moreover, with important investments in production technology, it supplies high quality maneuvering tubes and accessories for all the needs of the drilling sector. In recent years the Ciancaleoni Company has become the exclusive distributor of the new machines for “Geax” poles.

Regarding used drilling rigs it is very important to find a reliable supplier. As Ciancaleoni, they support their customers before and after the sale. The company supply spare parts immediately, and make the due service when requested. “Usually in this field there are many trade companies, they just buy and resell without doing any further service. We are completely different,” explains Giuseppe Coppola, the international sales officer.

“In reference to the second hand market of piling rigs, we see a rise of demand for huge machines (more than 70 ton) for big project. Continuous flight augers (CFA) is a method of foundation pile that is increasing day by day (where the soil allows to work with it).  The advantage of this system is that you can drill and pump the concrete in one shot by saving money and time,” he adds.

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