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Founded by Cipriani Brothers in 1917, Cipriani began to manufacture window and door frames in 1948, thanks to its skilled workmanship, long permanence and constant specialization, it has grown, transforming its production to meet the ever evolving market’s requirements.

For these reasons in 1959, without abandoning wood working, the firm started manufacturing aluminum frames. The hard tests imposed by a more and more exacting market prove that the firm Cipriani, that nowadays counts more than 60 employees, represents the realization of an industrial evolution that has had its origin in traditional craftwork.

The quality and the experience of Cipriani’s production come from the balance between innovative industrial technologies and the values of crafts tradition. This has allowed the making of fixtures that present an exclusive design but that at the same time are flawlessly made, fit for any kind of building and provided with all the safety and environmental impact requirements imposed by the changing regulations.

Also, the continuous attention to the needs of the single customer has led the firm to organize its sales network so as to cover the whole of Italy and many other countries, guaranteeing the fastest solution for any technical, economical and logistical problem.

One of the strong points of Cipriani s.p.a. is the willingness to establish itself in a rapidly expanding international market, capable of covering entire territories with a constant supply of its products, without foregoing the high level quality which distinguishes it from others and always with the guarantee of prompt assistance and services.


Cipriani Serramenti s.p.a.

Lucia Elena Falorni

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