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Coatex designs and produces rheology additives for aqueous formulations and water-borne processes. With Innovation for Sustainable Development as a core strategy, Coatex is developing high performance additives to serve a wide variety of applications, such as Water-borne Paints & Coatings, Paper Coatings, Minerals Processing, Construction, Homecare and Water Treatment. With production sites in France, the Netherlands, USA, China, and a newly acquired site in Brazil, Coatex employs more than 400 people.

Coatex is a subsidiary of the ARKEMA group, France’s leading chemicals producer.

A unique knowledge of the physico-chemical interactions mineral-water and many polymer technologies has allowed Coatex to develop a unique toolbox of rheology additives for construction admixtures.

The Ethacryl™ range, based on polycarboxylate ether technology aims to help concrete admixtures companies develop their next generation superplasticizers. Technical features of Ethacryl™ line are high water reduction, high solid content and high slump retention.

The construction industry must fulfill the difficult equation of mechanical performances and efficiency in usage together with energy savings at competitive costs

The future of construction industry is closely connected to the growth of both mature and developing countries.

This future involves:

Concrete or gypsum materials with higher mechanical performances at competitive costs
Reducing cement and water or energy consumption (cement production generates 10% of the CO2 annually released)
According to Coatex Group Marketing Communication Manager Fabienne DROUEL currently their products are not currently available in Africa
on the current trends Fabienne said because of the high quality demand for concrete and the high performance additives the ad-mixtures companies are looking for today, it is important that they can break the limits of performance with newly developed products. One important trend those days is to drastically improve the slump retention of the concrete in order to allow the end user to deliver his concrete with maintained performance always farther and always higher.

Coatex Group
Fabienne Drouel
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