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The Comet Group, established in 1959, produces and sells diaphragm, piston and centrifugal pumps for agriculture, piston pumps for industry and high pressure washers for professional and hobby users. It is an international business founded on the strength of a world-renowned brand. With 3 production sites, many branches and numerous distributors, Comet works in more than 80 countries around the globe including South Africa.

Comet S.p.A. holds a first level position in the sector of piston pumps for water thanks to particularly cutting edge construction solutions. The strategic evolution of its Industrial Division contemplates the introduction of innovative products to expand its presence in new business sectors, so as to consolidate its appearance on highly developed markets such as Europe and the United States and to propose itself as a leader in economically emerging countries.

Comet is rapidly expanding business and is also making notable investments for its development by acquiring leading trade companies. All this helps towards creating a Comet product uniqueness, from design to production, from quick and secure distribution to all-round before- and after-sales assistance. The result is that today Comet’s branded pumps represent an international excellence that meets with the appreciation of the whole industrial sector.

HPP is a Comet brand specialized in designing and making plunger pumps for water, able to satisfy demands that go from 21 to 190 HP with pressures up to 1500 Bar. HPP pumps are realized with state-of-the-art technologies as regards to materials, mechanical workmanship and thermal treatments and are mainly intended for municipal services: sludge pumping, washing solid waste containers, street cleaning, but also for a lot of other applications for the industrial sector. Professionalism is synonymous with a dynamic and modern company, aimed at facing and solving the issues of a constantly evolving market.


Comet S.p.A.

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