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For over 130 years the company has successfully pumped water in the Australian Outback. They are legendary for sensitivity, simplicity and great strength. Their mills are low in maintenance, highly efficient and a long term sustainable investment.

The initial cost will be the last with their Mills and they require a drop of oil perhaps once a year for maintenance. Being highly cost effective they are comparable in prices to any other water pumping plant on the market today with a higher standard of quality that has come to be expected. One can expect many years without replacing any major spare parts. Now even more safe with the installation of their new safety features.
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However, the company has agreed to the supply and erection of towers and other technical engineering and data alliance strategies.  The firm also believes that renewable energy will be the energy of choice for future generations. Wind power is still cheaper and more efficient than solar power at present and with the wide selection of products available from them a client is assured to get a system that suits their needs.

Low cost and low maintenance that lasts a lifetime is surely all the proof that one needs when choosing their next pumping system, and they are up to date with modern renewable energy technology to give their customers the confidence to choose the right system.

Their products have found use in the African countries such as Tanzania, Kenya and Zambia.  They are currently looking for agents or distributors in Africa who can represent their products as they do have the largest range of windmills and the largest in size and capacity in the world. There is great potential for windmills throughout Africa but also find cheap low quality products have been purchased over a quality Australian made product. A representative to discuss and offer their products to the Councils/ Govt and aid/charity organist ion would provide benefits for local villages. Someone on the ground level talking with World Bank etc would also help.

Darren Fitzgerald, the Managing Director advices potential buyers to go for their products, which are been made to the highest quality and standard hence proven to be the best in the Australian outback for over 140 years. Their products are built to last for over 50 years and are regarded as Australia’s Leading Windmill.

Fitzgerald also commented on the emerging trend regarding the product that, “We believe that a lot of the industry has seen and experienced the cheap products and are returning to quality products that are only a little more expensive, also as new generations are becoming environmentally aware sustainable products are becoming more main stream over fossil fuel driven pumping systems. There is need to more awareness especially in organizations such as World Bank and charity type organizations. We found that a quick fix of supplying a fossil fuel pumping system is not the long term solution to water supply problems as these system don’t last long and continually require fuel.”


Comet Windmills Australia Pty Ltd

Darren Fitzgerald

Managing Director

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