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Secure Meters (UK) Ltd provides equipment and consultancy services for those wishing to monitor plant and processes.

Censeo, is based on patented thermodynamic technology, it can monitor pumps, blowers and turbines and is available in both portable and fixed formats for continuous condition monitoring, audits to identify energy savings.  Software for report on pump/blower efficiency and condition performance is provided in real time.

Censeo is a comprehensive roto-dynamic performance and condition monitoring platform.  It has been developed using their patented thermodynamic technique, using head, differential temperature and power. Apart from thermodynamic technique Censeo supports to conventional (based on flow, head and power) and lookup measuring technique also.

Censeo measures flow accurately, even if the pumping system does not have sufficient straight lengths of pipe work for conventional flow metering techniques. It measures pump and system performance parameters, helping to improve the energy efficiency of pumping systems and to reduce their carbon footprint.

The provision of analogue inputs and outputs allows Censeo to be used as a fully integrated condition monitoring system.  Censeo supports MODBUS over RS485 network.  It can be integrated into a SCADA system,   providing detailed pump performance and condition monitoring data for optimal operation.

Built-in relays provide secondary protection for the pumping system and can be set to generate an alarm or trip a circuit, using data from up to eight of the measured parameters.

MPM-Watch is a multi-pump system monitoring suite. This software collects data online from a number of Censeo installed on various pumps in a station (in any combination of parallel or serial operations) and logs the performance parameters. It displays graphical trends on real time of configurable parameters. In addition, historical data and alarm information can be accessed. It generates reports on pre-formatted templates for data analysis.

An integrated solution of Censeo & MPM-Watch suite is an effective solution for energy conservation and management for pumping stations and industrial applications such as manufacturing, water treatment, mining plants and power stations.

Alexander Yates from Secure Meters UK advices buyers that by maximising the operating efficiency it will reduce the operating cost and therefore save money. He further says that there products are found in African countries like Gambia and South Africa.


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