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Concrete Mixing Plant Exceeds all Expectations

The company Tempo Trans EOOD supplies ready-mixed concrete to customers all around the Bulgarian port city of Varna. There is a lot of construction going on in this busy tourist region of the Black Sea. In 2018, Tempo Trans installed its first Ammann concrete mixing plant, type CBS 105 SL Elba. Due to the high concrete quality achieved with it, demand rose continuously. In order to expand production, the company invested in a second plant in 2020.

Customer proximity is often a decisive factor when it comes to business. Tempo Trans EOOD settled in an industrial area near Varna Airport: From this conveniently located company site, the many construction sites along the flourishing Bulgarian coast can be easily supplied with ready-mixed concrete.

Also close by was Elba Service EOOD, an established Ammann Elba dealer and service partner in Bulgaria for decades. In 2018, Tempo Trans EOOD approached Elba Service with a request for an energy-efficient, low-wear mixing plant: “At that time, we had asked around among concrete producers and received consistently good reports about Ammann Elba plants, especially the CBS 105 SL,” says Tempo Trans owner Atanas Mitev. “As a result, we did further detailed research and came to the conclusion that we could expand our production with a new Ammann Elba CBS concrete mixing plant.” The subsequent ordering and handling went smoothly: Elba Service mounted the CBS 105 SL Elba stationary concrete mixing plant in the same year. With its CEM 2000 S single-shaft mixer, this plant is particularly low-maintenance.

Robust and technically high-quality plant

The aggregates are dosed and weighed from the five chambers of the CEL 175/5 linear bin. “Our aggregates are very abrasive, which is why we opted for wear plates for the skip bucket and for the weighing belt during the planning stage,” explains Mitev. With a fresh concrete output of 2 m³, the CEM 2000 S Elba single-shaft compulsory mixer is thus reliably supplied on a long-term basis.

Demand clearly increased

Despite the high expectations Tempo Trans had for the CBS 105 SL Elba, Mitev and his team were impressed about the quality of the concrete produced. Their customers also noticed the difference: “The demand for our concrete increased significantly, so we had to expand our production.
As a result, in 2020, we decided to acquire a second plant of the same type.” The sister plant was commissioned in December 2020. With its modular design, it fits in perfectly with the infrastructure on site. Cement silos and the control container were provided by Tempo Trans. Three cement screws type EZL 80/100 guarantee the performance of the mixing plant.

In both cases, installation supervision was carried out by Elba Service. Colleagues from Ammann Elba in Ettlingen/Germany provided support during commissioning via teleservice.

“We are thoroughly impressed with the plants and would recommend them at any time,” says Atanas Mitev, delighted. “We generally only invest in very high-quality products and machines. The quality of the CBS 105 SL Elba, together with our ambition to deliver best performance, has exceeded our expectations.”


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