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The Concrete Protector is the concrete industry’s most trusted supplier of products, equipment, and training to protect, repair and design concrete.

The Concrete Protector was started by contractors for contractors that want to be successful without reinventing the wheel.  The Concrete Protector now manufactures and distributes products, equipment, and training to protect, repair and design concrete.  Starting in the industry in 2001, Joe Quick and his team developed an amazing business opportunity that is 100% free to learn which ultimately led to the acquisition of Sani-Tred, a 30 year old company that manufactures its own product line.

The Concrete Protector has developed a full line of affordable and environmentally friendly products and equipment to transform existing concrete to look like wood floors, marble, tile, granite, slate, and more for significantly less than the cost of other materials.   They also offer waterproofing and repair services to basements, pools, ponds, fountains, roofs, tanks, decks, high traffic floors, driveways, and the world’s one and only crack-proof decorative concrete repair system they started called Graniflex.

Since the establishment of the company, decorative concrete has exploded into a multi-billion dollar industry. During this time they started developing industrial coatings such as epoxies and urethanes to add to their already profitable decorative concrete product lines.Contractors in many states and multiple foreign countries have started using The Concrete Protector’s products.

The continued growth and training of successful contractors is what led to the recent multi-million-dollar acquisition and relocation of a 30 year-old Indiana Company, Sani-Tred.  Sani-Tred manufactures rubberized coatings that permanently waterproofs and repairs basements, pools, ponds, fountains, roofs, tanks, decks, high traffic floors, driveways, and more. No other product in the coatings industry offers more potential money making applications for contractors.

When Joe was asked what made The Concrete Protector different he said, “Our goal as a product and equipment supplier is to ensure the success of our customers. Our customer’s success is our success!   Our customers get results they can depend on through our quality products, best in class equipment, proven marketing, ongoing tech support, and hands on training.

Every product we distribute is professionally delivered and carefully installed with proven application techniques.”

The Concrete - Protector

The Concrete Protector hasbeen marketing worldwide and has achieved selling and shipping their products to over 70 countries including residential customers in Africa.  They are currently working with potential distributors in Kenya. The group from Kenya recently attended 2 Concrete Protector training seminars and they are optimistic in witnessing their products to be of benefit to every country in Africa.

Lisa Emerick, Business Developer advises potential buyers to consider their products unique versatility and to visit their facilities.  She says there are many benefits tothe training seminars.  Gaining more experience and knowledge of the products and applications inspires ideas for companies and individuals.   Emerick also commented on the emerging trend in regard to the products.

Distributorships and applicators worldwide are emerging such that Sani-Tred pool, pond, fountain, and animal habitat applications are more frequently used. Emerick is positive that with the use of GraniFlex and the other decorative flooring applications, more families will be able to thrive from owning their own business with the help of The Concrete Protector’s products and services.

The Concrete protector has also participated in exhibitions such as the World of Concrete Exhibit, Pool & Spa Exhibit and the Decorative Concrete Show.


The Concrete Protector
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