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Founded in 1975, Conproco offers a full range of products designed for the construction and restoration of concrete and masonry substrates. Conproco protective coatings combines advanced technology with a proven track record, having been successfully used in the field for over 35 years. All Conproco finishes are mildew resistant and are manufactured with premium quality exterior grade pigments.

Conproco products are manufactured in New Hampshire under rigorous quality control measures. Tested extensively in both the lab and field, Conproco products offer proven high-quality performance.

ConproLastic elastomeric paint is a fuller bodied paint than most elastomerics, while still retaining the essential quality of excellent water vapor transmission. The ability to bridge cracks, remain flexible and prevent water intrusion makes this coating ideal for CMU construction. Used extensively in all climate zones of the United States; this product has been selected as the preferred exterior coating for numerous United States Embassy buildings in Africa. Lastic’s hiding power allows building owners to use irregularly colored block, brick and masonry in construction; while still presenting a uniformly finished building façade.

The company does direct sales and anyone interested in their products contacts them directly. All their products are water based, and environmentally friendly with excellent water vapor permeability, waterproofing and UV resistance which are well suited to the African environment.

Trish Veneziano advised their clients that it is critical to evaluate what condition their site experiences and what their long term maintenance plan will be. These factors determine the proper exterior finish.