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Construction Material Testing: Material Testing Laboratory

Material testing laboratory services are critical for the construction industry. Whether it is the surface materials or building materials testing such as concrete testing, soil testing for construction, you need to know that all the components you use in your construction projects are safe, durable, and meet important industry standards. Using the best material testing lab that has A2LA certified labs, AASHTO certified labs or a reputable soils laboratories testing / concrete testing laboratory for proving accurate test information is crucial. Whether for concrete coring, asphalt, or soils samples you can be sure that Construction Material Testing can meet your expectations.

At Construction Materials Testing in Houston, Texas, we provide vital material testing to the building and construction industry. As well as the onsite testing we perform, we also offer a wide variety of more comprehensive tests from our fully accredited, state-of-the-art material testing lab.

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Where materials cannot be fully and comprehensively tested on-site, they are taken to the lab and submitted to numerous, in-depth assessments and tests to ensure there are no issues and to report back to our clients exactly what is in the materials.

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