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Contractors Association of Tanzania (CATA) was officially established on 9th October 2002 and was officially registered by the Registrar of Societies on 3rd December 2002 according to the laws of the United Republic of Tanzania.

Contractors Association of Tanzania (CATA) is an Association constituted to unite and foster the development of contractors and the construction best practices as well as the construction industry in general.


The main objective of the association is to foster the development of the contractors as well as the construction industry in partnership with the government and other stakeholders as outlined here-after:-

1. To unite contractors of all types so that they have a common voice as an important segment of the construction industry and thus become a partner of the government in developing the construction industry.

2. To coordinate contractors’ business initiatives with the aim of protecting and furthering the rights and interests of all contractors.

3. Be the main representative of contractors in regional, national and international business forums.

4. Promote business ethics and discipline among contractors.

5. Promote fair practice among contractors and the industry in general.

6. Promote its members through training, meetings, seminars, and workshops, exchange of visits, study tours, training courses and symposia for the benefit and development of its members.

7. To assist contractors in any manner that will enable them to access capital and equipments.

8. Provide communication linkage between contractors, the government and other statutory bodies at all levels.

9. Promotion of international cooperation and partnership with foreign contractors and other international organizations related to the construction industry.

10. Carry out research on all aspects of construction industry in order to promote contractors’ development.


The membership of the Association is open to all contractors operating in the United Republic of Tanzania who are Registered by the contractors Registration Board as per Act No.17 of 1997. Currently the Association has 359 members.

Members are drawn from all five types of construction business that is:-
i) Building works contractors
ii) Civil works contractors
iii) Electricity works contractors
iv) Mechanical works contractors
v) Specialized works contractors
Members are also drawn from foreign and local contractors on a single tier basis.


The daily activities of the Association are carried out by the secretariat under the supervision of the Management Committee.

Management Committee office bearers:-

Eng. Davis M. Baitani (D&G Construction Co. Ltd) – Chairman

Eng. Lawrence Mwakyambiki (Mac Contractors Ltd) – Vice Chairperson
Arch William Ngowi (NW Builders Ltd) – Secretary General

Eng. Eva G. Fumbuka Pomy (Engineering Co. Ltd) – Treasurer


Contractors Capacity Building initiatives

The Association identifies challenges that affects construction firms capacity building and finds solutions through advocacy and training. For example the Association currently is running a joint venture Programme as a contracting capacity building strategy.


The association conducts training to address specific areas such as new knowledge (technical & Managerial etc), best practices in the industry and many others.

Public Affairs (Advocacy)

Through advocacy the Association has been able to influence a number of decisions with the aim of improving the construction business environment.

Contract and Legal Affairs

The Association reviews the legal and regulatory framework constantly and advocates for changes where the laws and regulation are found to suffocate the business. It also reviews the contracts that are in use and recommends the necessary correction measures.

Marketing and Job Opportunities

Clients looking for contractors are able to obtain recommendations from the Association. The association also provides the credibility guarantee for its members hence enhancing their opportunities to access jobs. The association also disseminates information on the available job opportunities to its members mainly through e-mail.

Local Business Networking

The association provides a forum for construction companies to interact and exchange ideas which lead to business development. In order to interact with other leading members of the business community the Association is a member of the Tanzania private Sector Foundation.

International Cooperation

CATA is affiliated to the Africa Federation for Construction contractors Associations (AFCCA). It is also the administration host for the Dar es salaam Building Construction cluster initiative under pan African Competitiveness Forum (PACF) which aims at developing the competitiveness of Dar es salaam construction Enterprises (Contractors, Consultants, and Supplies etc)

The Association has also signed a memorandum of understanding with the international Contractors Association of Korea which will lead to the cooperation on various fronts for mutual benefit.

Through such cooperation the Association is able to market and promote the members services to foreign markets and potential partners.

Professional representation

The Association has representation seats on a number of professional and regulatory beards. It is also represented in a number of committees and tack forces. By having direct access and dialogue with the government authorities, CATA is able to protect and further its member’s interests.

Social Responsibility Function

Members are urged as part of corporate governance to give back to the community through activities that directly benefit the community they serve. The Association also coordinates collective social responsibility projects

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