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Control4 are a leading provider of personalized automation and control solutions, allow you to control virtually any device in a home or business, automatically. Founded in 2003, the company mission is to deliver an elegant and more affordable way to control and automate lighting, music, video, security and energy in a single room or throughout the entire home.

Today, Control4 certified custom integrators work with home and business owners to deliver the transformative benefits of the smart and connected home: convenience, peace of mind and an efficient environment that’s comfortable and safe.

They believe that life’s better when everything works together. Control4 solutions interoperate with more than 7,000 third-party consumer electronics devices—and that number is rapidly growing.

By partnering with the biggest brands in consumer electronics, appliances, energy, lighting and home security, Control4 leads the industry in interoperability, ensuring an ever-expanding eco-system of devices will work together in the home or business. Leveraging a distribution channel that includes over 2,200 North American custom integrators, retailers, and distributors in 73 countries, Control4 is the platform of choice for homeowners, hotel and MDU operators, restaurants and sports bars and professional offices worldwide.

Control4 integrates lighting with music, shades, locks, climate control and video—so that with just one touch, the bright possibilities of a smart home are much bigger than just turning on or off a light.

Their new smart lighting control products feature a fresh, sophisticated design, expansive customization options, and a myriad of innovative capabilities perfect for home and commercial installations. With customized keypads, a range of fashionable colors and styles, and LED backlighting with ambient sensors, you can personalize your lights to create the perfect scenes and aesthetic for your home.

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