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Corodex is one of the first companies to offer water treatment services. Corodex Industries was established in Dubai, with the goal of engineering, manufacturing, assembly and fabrication of various water purification, wastewater treatment equipments and Odor Control Equipment.

The company was started with the engineering and assembly of packaged and skid mounted Reverse Osmosis (RO) plants/water purification plants were current Installations ranges from 10,000GPD to 10 Million gallons per day for brakish and seawater plants.

According to Corodex Arfan Husseino marketing associate Corodex is focused in Africa and they have carried out various projects in Nigeria, Ghana, Ethiopia, Tanzania, Kenya, Liberia, Angola, Egypt, Algeria , Libya , Sudan, south Sudan and Uganda.

Corodex Industries holds a licensee agreement with the reputed EFLO International, UK to fabricate, assemble and install packaged sewage treatment plants in UAE. Installations include hotels, villages, cities, hospitals, military camps, oil rig and accommodation platforms as well as cruise ships and war ships.

EFLO has more than 400 wastewater treatment plants in operation worldwide, with 200 installations in the Middle East and Africa. EFLO is expanding its activities to cover industrial wastewater treatment in addition to domestic sewage treatment.

Corodex Industries has also introduced a robust range of odor control treatment technology for the municipal markets and biogas conditioning markets. Their product range includes adsorption technologies, chemical scrubbers and biological treatment for odor control.

Arfan Husseino
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