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CyBe Construction, a construction technology Dutch firm redefines traditional approaches through far-reaching automation and digitalization. This is enhanced through enabling 3D concrete printing and parametric design tools which are made accessible for all clients. The company develops and sell hardware such as 3D printers, fast setting sustainable material, as well as software to simplify the complex building processes.

The company works and ship all over the world, trying to solve economic and social problems by means of 3D concrete printing. When creating solutions CyBe Construction always keeps the future in mind. They solve these economic and social problems by using less raw material and transportation for a more sustainable planet. They automate heavy labor to cover the increasing shortage of co-workers around the world. The future of 3D printing is continuous development of the technology.

Pleun Zant, PR & Communication Manager states that, “We believe that 3D printing is more and more important for many industries. CyBe Construction offers 3D Concrete Printing for the construction industry. By means of 3D printing we can solve current and future problems of economic, natural and social impact in the construction industry. We are in continuous development of mobile and modular technology, which results in offering 3D-concrete printer solutions and software to the building industry. With this we can revolutionize the traditional construction processes, to redefine construction in a faster, cheaper, higher quality, and more sustainable way.

CyBe Construction realizes projects that nobody did before – we redefine construction not on our own. Since in construction, ‘we’ work together. Rapidity and flexibility are the keystones of our 3D Concrete Printing philosophy. It is developed for fast and flexible production of both pre-cast and on-site printed elements. The outcome is therefore cheaper and more sustainable. Due to this philosophy, the size of a building is not the main factor – a larger object such as a building can be constructed very quickly by connecting the different elements without the need for a bigger printer. Multiple elements (walls, for example), can be printed in only one day because of rapid curing – thanks to our specially developed CyBe Mortar – and its user friendliness”.

Besides, they see a building as technology rather than real estate and given the rapid developments in technology nowadays, housing designs can also be developed rapidly. This goes beyond concrete printing since a building is an integral whole between elements such as the walls, floors, insulation and installations.

CyBe Construction is part of ´Construction 4.0´, which consists of more than production by means of 3D concrete printing. As a result of working in the construction industry – as part of the family owned company Hendriks – since 1922 they understand well the various components a building consists of. Although these various components can partly be printed, it’s all about the integration between printed and not printed elements of for example affordable housing, iconic buildings, bridges, sewer pits, formworks.