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Cytech Technology was founded in Singapore in 1995 with the aim of becoming a leading manufacturer of Home Automation solutions for this rapidly emerging market.

Comfort can control lighting, home appliances, curtains, heating, air-conditioning, home entertainment- in fact almost anything in the home.

Comfort is able to transmit infrared signals to any IR-enabled appliance like air-conditioning, TVs, sound systems, and projectors. It has interfaces to popular lighting systems like C-Bus, EIB/KNX, Dynalite, Velbus,  Lutron and Rako as well as the Z-Wave wireless Home automation standard, offering users the maximum flexibility to use the most suitable combination of subsystems to suit their budget and taste. Comfort is X10-compatible, i.e. it is able to talk and listen to x10-compatible lights, switches and appliances on the mains power line.

It has been tested and approved to many international telecommunications and safety standards, including EN60950 (Europe), ACA (Australia), New Zealand Telecoms, Underwriters Laboratories (USA), FCC Part 68 and Part 15, South Africa, IDA (Singapore), SIRIM (Malaysia), in line with the company’s aim of creating a product for the world.

The Comfort II second generation product was introduced in late 2005 and includes LCD keypads, Slave Expansion Modules, Infrared Learner/Receivers and transmitters, Lighting Control Modules, Current sensors, Universal Communications Module (UCM) with RS232 and Ethernet interfaces, Designer Scene Control Switches, GSM Module, touch screens, handheld remote controllers and temperature sensors

One of Comfort’s strengths is its many interfaces to third party products including KNX, Schneider’s C-Bus, Z-Wave, Lutron, Dynalite, Rako, Velbus, Carlo Gavazzi Smart House systems, thermostats, Intercoms, Touchscreens, AV systems, Fingerprint readers and access control systems.

Cytech Technology is completely focused on the Design, Manufacture, Sales and Support of Home Automation products. Its design team constantly upgrades and improves the product with feedback from users and installers around the world.

Cytech sells its products worldwide through a network of distributors and Systems Integrators (Installers). Their products are available in African countries like Kenya and South Africa.


Cytech Technology Pte Ltd

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