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Dafo Vehicle Fire Protection has developed a full coverage interim multi-zone fire protection solution for fire mitigation available on the market for electric (EV) and hybrid vehicles (HEV). Dafo uses the suppression agent Forrex as part of a complex system solution. The manufacturer states it provides effective cooling capacity to slow the fire development for allowing safe evacuation of passengers.

With more than 165000 vehicle systems sold worldwide know how and experience ensure their customers to have the latest technology combined with proven reliability. The current solutions are being used worldwide as integrated solutions at the OEM production lines as well as retrofit installations at the end user.
Dafo Vehicle Fire Protection supplies Fire detection and Suppression systems for:
• buses and coaches
• mining and construction equipment
• forestry and waste handling equipment
• material and cargo handling (ports included)
• agricultural equipment

The company’s footprint in Africa

Dafo Vehicle’s products are available all over the African continent mainly on mobile cargo equipment in ports and on mining vehicles. They have been active in South Africa for a couple of years but now they want to strengthen their position all over Africa. At this stage the company has distributors in Morocco, Ghana, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Zambia and South Africa and these distributors are able to cover the whole Africa. However, they are continuously expanding their network of distributors.

Dafo’s products uniqueness

Dafo was founded in 1919 and has developed into a modern, high-tech company committed to offer the very best solutions to its customers. Dafo was one of the first companies in the world which started to develop integrated firefighting solutions for vehicles back in 1976.

The basis of Dafo Vehicle’s system is the suppression agent Forrex™ which is specially developed to suppress fires in combustible engines. Forrex™ is highly effective on flammable liquid fires like petrol, diesel and hydraulic oils. The system combines the features of liquid and dry chemical, includes unique and propriety tailormade solutions and offers outstanding flame knockdown and unique protection against re-ignition as it will cool down the overheated engine parts in case of a thermal event.

Advice to potential customers

Do not compromise safety to save a few bucks in the beginning. When a fire breaks out on a heavy vehicle the results can be dramatic. Expensive repair or replacement of valuable equipment are the obvious consequences. Extensive downtime and business interruption can result in even greater expenses as this equipment often takes many months to repair or replace.

Make sure to choose a reliable, robust and effective fire suppression systems for heavy duty vehicles designed to survive challenging working environments and secure safety of operations. Dafo Vehicle’s systems are designed to mitigate losses due to fire and reduce the impact on investment, reducing downtime and securing business continuity and increasing the productivity of the end users. Dafo Vehicle’s robust system not only protect individual hazards within the vehicle such as leaking fuel, hydraulic fluid, and/or lubrication, built up flammable deposits, but it is also a system with low life cycle costs. The operators would have to secure that the system they are procuring is a robust system fit for purpose in the harsh environment. Dafo Vehicle Fire Protection has fulfilled the requirements of the Australian Standard AS 5062:2016 – Fire protection for mobile and transportable equipment for their SV-K fire suppression system. This has been granted with a Certificate of Approval by the Certification Body Global-Mark. The AS 5062-standard is equivalent to the Zambia Bureau of Standards new standard ZS1209/2019. Dafo Vehicle is also in the process of getting an FM approval in accordance with FM 5970.

Also, make sure to consider sustainability which in Dafo Vehicle’s case means environmental sensitivity without compromising safety. Dafo Vehicle is measuring and mitigating impacts from manufacture to end-of-life is of and by choosing a Dafo Vehicle system our customers can rest assured that it favorable contributes with added value in their own sustainability work.


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