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DANOSA was founded in 1964, ever since then, they have diversified their ranges in waterproofing, acoustic insulation, drainage and geotextiles. Their first activity was manufacturing waterproofing materials and today they are the Spanish market leader (with more than 40% of market share) and are among the 6th biggest European manufacturer.

They registered a sales turnover of 68 million Euros in 2013. This year, they expect to have a revenue of 82 million Euros. Their staff increased by a significant 56% during the last 4 years. They are more than 250 professionals working in the main office in Fontanar, (Guadalajara, Spain) and the subsidiaries.

They offer a wide range of products and solutions for flat, slope and landscape roofs, underground walls, slabs and foundations, bridge construction, underground galleries etc. their presence within the Real estate sector and civil engineering industries is increasingly consolidated thanks to their manufacturing lines: drainages and geotextiles, specially designed for underground structure drainage, waterproofing protection, separation of soil layers and water filtration.

Danosa is a generator of opportunities, whose products and solutions comply with the needs of construction sector and contribute to a better quality life.

They are exporting in more than 70 countries across the globe, they have a factory in India (a joint venture with TIKITAR, the Indian bituminous leader), and had recently acquired an extruded polystyrene factory in Portugal (EUROFOAM).

DANOSA’s Cheikh Tambadou observes that there are signs already of a new self-affirming Africa taking shape, a continent that is under construction. He adds that the year 2013 saw over $220 billion invested in more than 320 African infrastructure projects. The building typologies, he says are getting more and more complex with higher standards thus the need for more efficient and suitable materials to meet the increasing demands.

They have subsidiaries in France, Morocco, Portugal, United Kingdom, Mexico and Colombia with a new subsidiary expected to be opened in Senegal this year.  In Africa, they are exporting to more than 26 countries and are looking for distributors as they plan to establish new business partnerships in the Eastern and Southern Africa regions in 2015


Cheikh Tambadou

Tel: +34 638 082 970

Email: [email protected]

Website: www.danosa.com