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DelTongo is an Italian family run company specialized in production and design of fitted kitchen. Founded in the 1954 in Arezzo, Tuscany, it uses a high level technology thanks to which it is possible to personalize every product, made by Italian raw material and European components. Every single process of production is made inside their factory, so any order is express, “just in time”, highly personalized in relation to any request’s clients.

Indeed, every part of the kitchen project is customized and DelTongo offers some unique aesthetical and functional features making them different within market: high technology: -quality of the internal components, of the mechanical systems of fixation and movement and some hidden qualities as resistant to infiltration and humidity; containing capacity -for example, drawers and baskets less bulky to create more space for jump tables or extractable supporting top; ergonomics -customized measures of the upper cupboards, the hob and the kitchen sink, intelligent disposition of every tools related to any area and his main use, to saving time and movements; design -personalized kitchens for every taste and budget: from the classic kitchens with a premium price to luxury ones.

DelTongo’s clients are independent retails who set showrooms in their stores to exhibit their kitchens and their unique technical features. They are supported in any stage of the purchase, from the set-up of the retail to the customize service with proper software. Also, DelTongo offers marketing campaigns and services to highlight their strong specialties of kitchen production. Over 60 years of history, the company had extended their trade all over the world, as in the past it had a flourishing market in Libya. Nowadays, DelTongo is a strong brand on the kitchen market, noticeable for his cutting-edge technology and design, made by passion and precision because they are “maniacs”, as said the brand payoff.

Gianmaria Scortecci from the marketing department advices buyers to see first of all details which can make their kitchens unique, different and highly reliable. Each detail is designed to guarantee a long life product and a very useful everyday usage: safe interiors, ironmongery and small metal, the opening and closing systems of the doors, the sliding of baskets and drawers, the guarantee lightness and maximum precision and the materials and design that define the quality of the choice.


DelTongo Industries Spa

Gianmaria Scortecci

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