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Denvelops is a manufacturer of a new perfectly façade engineered system in its simplicity for developing unlimited designs and its easy and fast installation. For this, Denvelops ® has a technical team that assists in the project design and justification, a factory that assembles and prepares the delivery, and a construction management team that controls the installation of the system.

New Patented Technology

The innovative of the system consist on a new way to assembly surfaces, by attaching -without screws- Lines (thin vertical plates) with Connectors (horizontal steel wires) with all type of pieces… It is simple, smart, clean and fast.

Easy & Fast to Install

To install a Denvelops project only a few steps and tools are required. An open production system ensures that installers can easily modify the production plans in order to optimize them resources and real project dimensions in every project. In the best conditions project, one crane can install more than two 20 m2 sequences per hour, which means doing marks of 640 m2 per day.

Hight Production Skills

Denvelops® is fabricated from small and fast components produced with CNC machines that can be modified mm by mm with no extra costs. Because the components are produced fast, Denvelops can assemble the projects just in time, so until the last moment everything can be easily changed with no extra cost. Besides, our patented system made with almost no screws and rivets, give the company a great flexibility to adapt our production skills to easily produce 500 m2 per day.

Technical Office

Denvelops® has a powerful Technical O_ice that asks designer to develop their freedom designs and assist them in order to obtain the maximum benefits of the system. Denvelops® also facilitates the justification of the solutions adopted and the necessary data to correctly prescribe the designed project.


As a company born from an innovative research project, Denvelops knows how much important is to invest and try to preserve these skills. The company is involved in news research projects in order to improve the skills and functions of the system. Be aware with our news because we soon expect to be able to communicate better innovations about next areas:

-Denvelops photovoltaics energy

-Denvelops kinetic energy

-Denvelops Active Shading

-Denvelops LED lighting

Besides, Denvelops is also developing a new so_ware that will facilitate architects and designers to use system, and however, get from it the maximum efficiency and design possibilities.


In Denvelops we know how much important for architects is to work with certified and safety systems. In spite the system was created following the heaviest requirements, and has been hard tested in some of their last projects by important architects and engineers, Denvelops is right now doing an ETA certification to get the mark CE for the European Market.