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DeTect Inc specializes in applied, intelligent radar and related remote sensing technologies and systems for aviation safety, security and surveillance, drone defense and environmental protection and renewable energy with over 450 radar systems installed and operating worldwide.

DeTect MERLIN has a documented record in reducing bird strikes, increasing safety and reducing aircraft damage and delay costs at both military and commercial airfields. MERLIN is also the only bird radar system to have been evaluated and certified for real-time, tactical flight safety use by the US government (NASA and the USAF) and is the only bird radar approved for and in use at a commercial airport control tower under national flight safety standards

According to Helen Lewis, with MERLIN users are getting more than an avian radar system – DeTect provides comprehensive application support with each system that includes avian survey/ application design, system set-up, data collection support and project-specific user training. Each system is also supported by DeTect’s team of avian biologists who have extensive backgrounds and experience in radar ornithology, avian biology, study design, bird control and risk mitigation on projects worldwide. For bird and bat survey applications, DeTect provides full data analysis support that includes custom algorithm development, data processing, reporting and risk analysis supporting client biologists and/or clients’ consultants.

MERLIN Aircraft Birdstrike: Avoidance Radars and avian radars for aviation and environmental applications

DeTect’s MERLIN Aircraft Birdstrike Avoidance Radar system is the most advanced, proven and widely used bird radar technology available for real-time detection, tracking and warning of hazardous bird activity at commercial airports, military airfields, military training and bombing ranges. The MERLIN bird radar is proven, production model technology with over 140 systems currently operating at sites worldwide in aviation safety and bird control applications with documented results in reducing birdstrikes and aircraft damage and delay costs. MERLIN is the only production model bird radar used operationally at both commercial airports and military airfields for real-time, tactical bird-aircraft strike avoidance.

With MERLIN, users get more than just a radar – each MERLIN system is supported by DeTect’s experts in military and commercial aviation safety, air traffic control, airfield management, airfield bird control and radar remote sensing to provide a cost-effective system that integrates seamlessly and effectively into airfield or airport operations.

The MERLIN bird radar operating software was specifically developed to detect and track bird targets: other bird radars use modified ship or aircraft tracking software which are not designed to identify and track the unique flight signature and variable characteristics of birds in flight. The MERLIN system also processes and displays the bird targets and tracks and current strike risk in real-time with the fastest scan update rate available on the market.

MERLIN systems are available in mobile and fixed installation configurations. For large, multi-runway airports and airfields, multiple fixed-mount sensor packages are installed around the airfield and networked to provide optimal coverage of the airfield and the area around the airport (out to 8miles).

Other Products

Other DeTect products include HARRIER Security and Surveillance Radars, the DroneWatcher™ drone detection and defense system. Since 2003, DeTect has manufactured and commissioned over 450 advanced systems in the US, Canada, the UK, Europe, Africa and Asia.

DeTect is a fully integrated radar company with radar research, engineering and manufacturing facilities in Florida and Alberta, and offices in California, Washington DC, Hawaii, England and China. The company is a leader in applied remote sensing technologies for small radar cross section targets such as unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), drones and birds. Any market that has an issue with bird strikes to aircraft and has wind energy projects needing avian survey, risk assessment, monitoring and real-time risk mitigation studies is an important market for DeTect.