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Diasen was born in 1985 out of an idea by Florian Mingarelli, manager, inventor and pioneer in the field of chemistry. His great intuition was to realize that the construction industry changed drastically towards more innovative products, with high technology and quality level.

Their corporate actions are represented by a constant search for excellence, by the development of increasingly advanced solutions with a strong trend towards internationalization, specialization and differentiation of products; and by environmental safety and health protection.

Over the years, Diasen has created products and developed highly innovative solutions in building and construction area, reaching important milestones of achievement and success. Today the company is synonymous of safety, innovation and high quality, both in Italy and worldwide.

Through Acriflex systems and other Diasen waterproofing resins it becomes possible to attend to any situation, in total safety for workers, optimizing application timing, reducing the probability of making mistakes and increasing and prolonging performance results during the years.

They use versatile and durable coating resins for all kinds of surfaces and sport facilities floorings.
They provide accurate solutions for every building problem with products that have very simple and quick application that allows solving in an easy, safe and definitive way all the most common problems that usually occur in buildings and houses such as humidity, dampness, mould and condensation, cement cracks and water infiltrations.

Their ability to provide customized solutions across the international vision and a close relationship with scientific research made Diasen a point of reference for designers and clients.

The company has a huge presence in Africa with their products being found in morocco, Tunisia, Libya, Algeria, Egypt, Senegal, Ghana, Angola and Uganda. They are looking for commercial partners in other African countries to help them expand in Africa.

Diasen’s Camilo Baldoni notes that the market is shifting towards high technology products and advises buyers to go for high technology products for a better diversification of the offered solution.

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