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DICAMIT was founded in 2004 and is today the biggest distributor and converter as well as the European partner of 3M for flexible electrical insulation products. They provide electrical and thermal insulations designed for use in Electrical Insulation systems rated through Class 220(R).

With 600mq of warehouse for 3M products they can provide a large variety of 3M insulating Papers, including CeQUIN, TufQUIN, ThermaVolt and TVAR and others as well as a broad range of derived laminates with polyimide and polyester film available on short notice.

DICAMIT is an approved laminator and converter for 3M flexible insulation papers and provides the European central stock to 3M dealers for the following products:




· ThermaVolt


· Thermal Shield

DICAMIT also provides other 3M products such as:

· Industrial and electrical adhesive tapes

· Technical textile in NEXTEL

The materials used by DICAMIT include:

· Polyimide film & laminates

· Polyimide adhesive tapes

· DM & DMD

· Electrical grade glass fabric tubes

· Electrical and industrial adhesive tapes

· Rigid and flexible MICA sheets

· Flexible MICA with glass or film backing

· Transformer coil supports

· Various technical textiles up to 1.200°C

· Pultruded profiles with glass fiber reinforcement.

There are a range of production technologies used by DICAMIT in the manufacture of their products:

· Water & solvent based lamination

· Coating with saturants and varnish

· C-stage

· B-stage

· Lamination with pressure sensitive transfer tapes

· Slitting

· Punch-cutting

· 3D CNC-controlled laser and water jet cutting

· 5D CNC-controlled milling

Ulas Sahin of DICAMIT observes that there is a growing number of customers who are looking for customized solutions with materials such as specialty tapes and laminates designed specifically for them. This is different from the past where he says their core business was more focused on pure insulation papers.


Ulas Sahin

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