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Domczar may expressly state that they are the leaders in the production of prefabricated bathroom pods in Europe. Hundreds of satisfied customers offer the convincing proof that prefabricated bathroom pods are the future of the modern construction industry.

Domczar designs and produces a wide range of prefabricated bathroom pods. The company produces annually 3,500 bathroom pods in accordance with different customers’ requirements

The company’s productive capacity is still greater and greater.

The investments that Domczar made in the second half of 2013 increased its abilities. Spreading productive capacity over the area of 6000 m2 and employing highly qualified people offers it the possibility of producing even 6000 prefabricated bathroom pods in 2014.

Domczar are well-known in Great Britain, the Netherlands, and Denmark as the company providing high quality services and products and proposing flexible and effective solutions.

The main aim is to introduce the company business activity to customers from Belgium, Germany and France.
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Experts in the company are extremely proud of the achievements. They strive to ensure their customers’ technical and economic needs are met.

The prefabricated bathroom pods that the company offers underwent the process of analysis and multi objective optimization. At present, the aim is to hold the position of the European leader as well as to introduce business activity to customers from other countries.

Experts strongly believe in what they do as a company and are focused on setting new trends in the construction industry.

Innovative solutions of Domczar Company are protected by European industrial design and other patents. Many successfully completed projects allowed it to extend knowledge.

During all these years, the Company gained trust and offers the guarantee of the professional attitude towards the customers and projects.

According to Krystian Biarda the Marketing and Sales Manager of Domczar, prefabricated bathrooms not only save time and money but also clients don’t have to worry about labor, materials because of large number of specialists on site.

Modular buildings and bathrooms have a big resistance for natural conditions. Furthermore they are more solid than traditional ones because they are made by qualified specialists and engineers.



Krystian Biarda

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