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Domylco has been the leader in concrete additive manufacturing industry and was the first company to market Greek concrete additives in the EU.

The company has operated in the field since 1976 and has the expertise and technology to produce materials that meet international standards.

Their concrete additives have the CE mark, proof of high quality and a prerequisite for the legitimate movement of any additional concrete in Greece and Europe.

Their main products are accelerators for shotcrete, alkaline and alkali-free. The alkaline is stronger and performs better while their accelerators are get  used in shotcreteor sprayed concrete in underground constructions, mainly to make the concrete set instantly and prevent earth and rocks from falling onto the structure.

According to DOMYLCO Ltd’s chemical engineer Karolos Stergiopoulos their company products are currently not available and they are in the process of getting agents and distributors across Africa.

Karolos also added that their products are mainly integrated in other industrial products such as concrete and the final consumer usually doesn’t see them. Judging from the trends in Europe, there is practically no concrete made today without admixtures.

Karolos Stergiopoulos
[email protected]