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Dormakaba; Smart and secure access solutions

Formidable innovative supplier with presence in over 130 countries, including strong presence across Africa.

Dormakaba is one of the top three global leading providers of smart access solutions and services. The company began operating as dormakaba following a strategic merger between dorma and kaba, which led to the formation of an unequaled operation focused on the development of products, solutions and services that strengthen security and access control at our client’s operations.

The company constantly question and review business, products and processes, the current market and technology trends to ensure they are always ahead of the competition

Dormakaba’s unequaled knowledge of access control and security technology aside, the company has cemented its technical expertise and sense of ‘what works’ in business today through our acclaimed solution portfolio.

Their portfolio covers every facet of access and security control in physical structures as follows;

Door hardware – Long-life, attractive door technology solutions:  for greater on-site convenience, easy assembly and reliable functionality from a single source.

Lodging systems – Hotel locks and locking systems as well as access management solutions for holiday homes: for reliable yet convenient and efficient protection of all kinds of property.

Movable walls – Flexible, efficient partition wall solutions: for individual space configuration in hotels, conference centres, studios and other venues.

Entrance systems – Automated access solutions: for convenient, automated building access.

Interior glass systems – High-quality system solutions made from glass: for a wide range of everyday and office applications.

Mechanical key systems – Optimal security with flexible allocation of access rights: for the best possible control, low costs and greater convenience.

Electronic access & data – Electronic access control and workforce management: for efficient access management, security and data collection.

Safe locks – Security locks: for optimal protection of goods, valuables, information or hazardous substances against unauthorized access.

Key systems – Key blanks and key-cutting machines as well as automotive solutions ranging from vehicle keys up to programming devices: for every access situation.


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