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Dortek-the pioneer door brand in Turkey

As a pioneer door brand in Turkey, Dortek has become a leading company in door architecture, design, and technology since its establishment thanks to its constantly developing product range, turnkey application solution, warranty application including installation, special engineering solutions for projects it has enjoyed increasing market share and success.

Continuing its production in a covered area of ​​30,000 m2 in Kastamonu, Turkey, Dortek bears the distinction of being the largest and technologically most comprehensive production facility in Turkey with its high production capacity and quality.

The company arguably serves with the widest product range. It has more than 2000 interior door model options, which are included in the product range irrespective of performance applications, opening options and dimensions.

In addition to steel doors, fire doors and other performance doors; kitchen and bathroom applications are also a priority in integrated wood solutions. Dortek, in that case, offers kitchen, bathroom, cloakroom, and closet solutions, which are manufactured in its fully automated plant with UV (Ultra Viole) Lacquer, Polymeric coating, and Natural and Industrial wood production lines.

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Dortek offers all wood components needed in one house with the most appropriate solutions to project clients by a single source. Moreover, all wooden components are offered with the same quality standards for various projects such as schools, hospitals, offices, shopping malls, and hotels.

Aware that its products are a never-ending architectural requirement, Dortek believes that there is considerable work to be done and further innovations that need to be explored. The company is committed to being one of the most ambitious solution providers of the door and furniture requirements in the world. Its aim is to provide better services to its customers around the globe through its expert product development, R&D team, project sales engineers and the growing network of dealers.


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