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Dressta is an organization that is responsible for the worldwide sales, marketing and service of DRESSTA branded construction equipment manufactured at the plant of their owner – Liugong Dressta Machinery Co. Ltd based in Stalowa Wola, Poland.

Their production plant was established in 1937 as a source of military equipment, but in time, thanks to a series of licensing agreements, it was transformed into one of the major manufacturers of construction equipment in Central Europe (previously known as Huta Stalowa Wola – HSW). Amongst its licensors were Jones Cranes, Coles Cranes, Clark Equipment, Stetter GmbH and the most important of these – International Harvester Co. and Dresser Industries. Upgraded over the years so as to keep up with modern day customers’ expectations as well as environmental regulations, Dressta construction equipment still maintains the design simplicity, sturdiness and ease of service of the legendary

International Harvester and Dresser brands.

Dressta construction equipment has been delivered to 114 countries around the world.

Some of their machines include:

Crawler Dozers
Dressta has an extensive product line with nine basic models. Dressta crawler dozers are designed and built to give the customer optimum performance. The reasons for their excellent up-time record are strong modular power train system, two-speed steering and a wide range of blade and ripper attachments.

Dressta offers three models of pipelayers from 33 to 100-ton maximum lifting capacity respectively.  The combination of extensive experience in design and manufacturing of construction equipment with sophisticated technology resulted in these highly productive and reliable machines, which offer: massive one-piece mainframe, reliable Cummins engine, two-speed steering, hydraulic powertrain for boom/hook, hydraulically extendable counterweights, and massive equipment frame for pipelaying equipment (hydraulic winches, counterweights, and boom).

Wheel Loaders
Dressta wheel loaders have earned excellent reputation among contractors, quarry operators and surface mining people worldwide. The improved and recently enhanced 500-series wheel loaders guarantee a high production at low cost. The loader train system is comprised of a modern diesel engine unit, torque converter, transmission, front and rear drive axles and driving grafts with articulated joints. These components provide the most reliable and durable power transfer system.

Tailored to Special Customer Needs
In order to fulfill every customer’s demand, Dressta, based on the engineering documentation worked out by local engineers, offers specially tailored attachments for machines that are produced at our factory in Stalowa Wola, Poland.

Dressta is currently looking for business partners in West and Central africa

Dressta Headquarters
Tel: +48 15 8135188
Email: [email protected]