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Dwyer Instruments Inc is a global manufacturer of instruments primarily designed for use in Heating, Ventilating, and Air Conditioning. Products include gauges, switches, transmitters, indicators, data loggers, and test equipment for measuring pressure, air velocity, liquid flow, level, temperature, humidity, and gas concentrations.

With a range of outputs including current, voltage, resistive, and serial communications, Dwyer’s products can work directly with most common building management systems.

Some of the product applications for their instruments are filter status monitoring, fan operation monitoring, duct static pressure, room pressure, humidification / dehumidification, on demand ventilation, rain water level monitoring, hot and chilled water line monitoring, pump operation monitoring, coil frost protection, and many more.

Most of its popular products for use in Building Automation systems are our Series MS Air Differential Pressure Transmitter, Series ADPS Differential Pressure Switch, Series 629 Wet / Wet Differential Pressure Transmitter, Series AVU Air Velocity Transmitters, Series RHP Humidity / Temperature Combination Sensors, Series CDT Carbon Dioxide / Temperature Transmitters, Series GSTA Carbon Monoxide Transmitter, Series TE Temperature Sensors, and our Series PBLT Level Transmitter.