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Earth Friendly Building Materials, LLC (EFBM) is the manufacture of EF Block™. EFBM has been involved with several thousand Insulated Concrete Form (ICF) projects throughout the United States and Mexico.

With over 45 years of experience in the construction field, and over 24 years involved in the green building industry, EFBM will assist you with all your construction needs.

With the original plant in Tempe, AZ, and their subsidiary in La Paz, Mexico, EFBM has proudly opened a third facility in Kingman, AZ. EFBM is fielding inquiries for EF Block™. plants by investors all across the globe.

EFBM has signed to put as many as fifty EF Block™ plants in the Philippines. They are in negotiations to open six new US plants also working on plants in Russia, Haiti, Costa Rica and Africa. More and more people are discovering the ease with which it can be produced, and the significant number of benefits of EF Block™.

In addition to EF Block™ and EnviroTilt™ EFBM promotes a line of innovative surfacing products, including PermaCrete, Enviro-Guard and Enviro-Finish, which enhance custom construction. To distribute these offerings, EFBM has a network of qualified sales representatives and a growing national and international presence.

Earth Friendly Building Materials, LLC, provides complete sales and service for their products. The company offers materials lists, on-the-job training at one of their sites, and we’ll even send a man to your site. EFBM has been working with the Green Building Program of The City of Scottsdale. The company is also a sponsor of the American Lung Association home at Civano, a green residential development in Tucson, Arizona. EFBM continues to help communities reduce the environmental impact of residential and commercial construction.

Given that EF Block is unsurpassed in its building quality’s, Earth Friendly Building Materials, LLC is working on a million dollar project in Ghana, Africa to ensure that the company gets a breakthrough in the African market.


Earth Friendly Building Materials, LLC

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