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Eco FutureLab Fze Active within the Solar Energy Solutions arena since 1985, they don’t just sell products but give Solutions with extended 5 year warranties.

Eco FutureLab is a Solar Energy solutions company based in Dubai but operated and ran by British Engineers and scientists.

All their products carry warranties of 5 years and more. All their products are from Europe and USA and Japan. Owing to the superior quality, reasonable price as well as their good integrity and service, their products are well-received in the international market. They always do their deliveries on time.

All 100% Solar Powered

Submersible Pumps      down to 300 Meters and more                                                                                     Single-stage pumps/Stage pumps                                                                                                                    Solar Powered Water Treatment Systems                                                                                  Centrifugal pumps
Mixed-flow pumps
Vacuum pumps
HP-pump for SWRO

Other Products in their Portfolio include

100% Solar Highway Lighting

100% Solar Air Conditioning

100% Solar Containerized Water Treatment Plants

100% Solar Powered Refugee Shelters

Water Supplied to Health & Safety Standards

At Eco FutureLab Fze  we provide clients with the peace of mind of getting their water tested to ensure that it is safe for human consumption and that it complies to EU drinking water standards.

We advise that private well owners test their drinking water supply annually, particularly after a spell of bad weather to identify if further treatment is required.
Domestic Drinking Water Analysis

We deal with test for the following; E.Coli, Coliforms, pH, Iron, Nitrates, Manganese and Hardness.

Why Should I Test my Well?

Proper maintenance of wells is important to avoid illness. Contaminated water may not look cloudy, it may not smell differently or taste strange but the water that you are drinking could still carry a health risk. Regular testing is therefore advised to identify if there is contamination present and if treatment is necessary.

Reverse Osmosis

Reverse Osmosis (R.O.) is a modern technique for water purification derived from the natural biological cell operation, which drives the transport of nutrients in plants and animals. It is seen as the most convenient source of cheap, endless pure water in the home or office. The process produces pure water on a continuous basis, in a large quantity.

With Reverse Osmosis, only one process is needed for the physical and chemical purification of water. This is a continuous pressure driven process for which no chemical additions are required. Dissolved materials are separated from the water by means of a semi-permeable membrane. Modern membranes can remove up to 99% of dissolved matter without any addition of chemicals and without frequent shut downs for regeneration.

Water produced by means of R.O. contains virtually zero dissolved solids. This prevents precipitation, discoloration, staining or other harmful effects, which could otherwise disturb an efficient water production line.

Benefits of Reverse Osmosis
Reverse osmosis can remove dissolved solids, salts, minerals that cause hardness, organic chemicals and other impurities. It can improve the taste of water for people who do not like the taste of dissolved mineral solids.

Treated water will not produce scale in kettles and coffee makers. Because sodium and potassium are removed, people on a medically prescribed sodium- or potassium-restricted diet may benefit. R.O units may also remove contaminants such as chromium, mercury and nitrates.

A majority of health problems are embedded in the quality of drinking water which should be free of disease causing agents. RO water filters ensure purification of water by removing harmful contaminants. Municipal additives like fluoride which are found in some areas can also be removed by R.O filtration


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