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Eco-$mart, Inc. was founded in 1993, in Sarasota, Florida providing a number of services to facilitate sustainable living. Eco-$mart was created for the sole purpose of making it easy and

affordable to include energy efficient, resource efficient, disaster resistant, and health enhancing systems into commercial and residential projects. Eco-$mart is a Service Disabled Veteran owned business.

Eco-$mart, Inc. assists contractors and developers to take advantage of the free public relations and marketing power provided by programs such as EPA ENERGY STAR, SunBuilt and Engineered for Life, as well as promoting those businesses on Eco-$mart’s affiliated media resources such as the U.S. Green Building Council and the Environmental News Network.

Eco-$mart, Inc. has also created ways for individuals and organizations to get personally involved and benefit from helping to spread the word, through their Agents and Referring Partner programs, as well as their Green Investment opportunities.

Services offered by the company include: Green construction supply, Turnkey subcontracting and general contracting (via contractor allies), Free design consultation, Free media events and press releases, Energy efficient financing sourcing and Building energy ratings / green certification.

Products offered by the company include: Advanced wall and roof systems, Water cooled and solar air conditioning, Impact resistant and energy efficient windows, Passive solar water heating, Greywater systems for toilet flushing, cisterns, landscape, Energy efficient lighting (LED, induction, T5, T8 electronic ballast, daylighting, controls), Earth friendly flooring (bamboo, cork, FSC teak, coconut palm, recycled rubber, carpet), Earth friendly cabinet and countertop materials (bamboo, palm, FSC teak, etc.), Solar Electric (PV) systems, Wind Power, Chlorine-Free pool systems, Water purification and Permeable recycled paver systems.


Eco-$mart, Inc.

Matt Ross, President

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