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ecoligo – fully financed solar systems

Founded in 2016 with their HQ in Berlin, Germany;

ecoligo is on a mission to save the planet.

They provide fully financed solar as a service solution for businesses in emerging markets.

This enables small and medium businesses to access clean, affordable power.

They help businesses reduce their steadily rising energy costs, enabling them to remain competitive and a leader in their market.

The projects are financed through crowd-investing.

This offers private investors tangible investment opportunities that promote the global energy transition.

They are currently established in 6 countries with 72 projects under their belt, boasting an amazing 414,090 tonnes of CO2 emission savings; resulting in a total of 26.7 megawatts provided.

How do they offer fully financed solar?

  1. They provide you with a solar/ energy efficient solution with no investment needed from you.
  2. They provide you with a flexible contract term either PPA or lease to own. From 3-20 years depending on what you prefer.
  3. They only work with qualified partners for the construction of your project. Ensuring the highest quality at best value.

(left to right) Mr. David Mutisya ag Director at Ministry of Energy, shakes hands with Ms. Grace Nyachae Executive Director of Simbi Roses at the solar field at Simbi Roses.

(left to right) a technical partner and the CEO of ecoligo, Mr. Martin Baart.

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